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The Clear Choice for Cloud Solutions


The Volaré Cloud Solutions are the result of a marriage between deep application and technical expertise with innovative private and hybrid cloud methodologies.  This helps us deliver enterprise grade solutions to your organization quickly and cost effectively.



Why Volaré is the Cloud Solution Provider of Choice


Our Investment In People


  • Leaders in Cloud Computing - Our recognized team of experts have delivered hundreds of cloud solutions  and specialize in managing complex enterprise applications, integrations and customizations, and hybrid deployments.

  • Commitment to Long-Term Relationships - Our holistic and consultative approach to helping each customer identify and build the right cloud strategy for their business has earned us a 99% customer retention rate.

  • Deep Technical Skills - Volaré engineers have industry experience plus advanced certifications for implementing best-in-class solutions.

  • Business Savvy Tech Geeks - Partners know they can count on Volaré to help them quickly transition to a cloud-based solution, from strategic advisory services and sales support to marketing readiness and operational planning.



Our Investment in Technology


  • Built for You - Volaré delivers a private and hybrid cloud experience developed on secure, single tenant ecosystems that flex up as your demand increases, with customizations and integrations across on-premise, third party and public cloud offerings.

  • Security and Compliance - The Volaré solution meets stringent industry-standard security and regulatory requirements. 

  • Speed and Predictability - We are committed to delivering rapid deployments for critical and unique applications, with the ability to scale up and down as your business demands - without surprises and overages.




     Why Volaré?  Private and Hybrid Cloud Expertise:



 Why Volaré

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