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Volaré Cloud Managed Services


With Technology, Failures Are Bound To Happen.  Don't go it alone!



Maintaining business and IT infrastructure agility is a complex challenge for any organization with or even without an internal IT department. There are so many issues to worry about: for instance security, availability of your site, back ups, disaster recovery and most of all - making everything work together! 




Lean on Volaré For Managed Hosting Services



Whatever your need, we've got the experts to help. Whether it be networking, storage and compute solutions, security, virtualization, operating systems, different application levels and different software solutions, Volaré has the people with the wide and deep skill sets.


Most importantly, our people love the challenge of bringing all of these components together -- this is what makes Volaré Managed Hosting Services stand out.



Fully managed private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud


 Cloud Based Managed Services

Migration Services

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Cloud Security Services
Cloud Dedicated Servers
Managed Cloud Networking
Managed Cloud Backups
Cloud Migration Services
Database Management Services

Managed High Availability

Managed Backup

Managed Dedicated Servers

Block Storage Services

Security Services

Managed Databases

Managed Networking

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