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Volaré Managed Dedicated Servers


When You Need Predictable Performance!



Our Managed Dedicated Server packages range from single servers for simple web hosting applications to large clusters with an infinite number of nodes. Our servers use the latest Intel micro-architecture line of CPU's. Additional servers and services can be added on demand as business needs grow.


If you would like to ensure predictable performance, ensure single tenancy for security and compliance reasons, or customize the system architecture, you may want to consider getting a Managed Dedicated Server. The Volaré team will consult with you to configure a system architecture that best meets your application requirements and procure, test, configure and deploy the server for you. Beyond the deployment, our 24 x 7 support team at Volaré will continue to monitor the server for up-time such as - power supplies, hard disk failures, RAM errors, motherboard failures, RAID card failures, etc - and have inventory on hand to replace them within our Service Level Agreement (SLA).


For specialized application configurations, Volaré can provide you with a compute platform that is suited for your requirements. For example, for some of our high-CPU intensive customers, we offer a cost-effective platform with CPU's that have integrated graphics and custom RAM configurations.


Lastly, some customers have a requirement to setup their own server clusters (ie. Hadoop) and need Volaré to monitor and manage their cluster. On these occasions, the Volaré Managed Services team can architect and deploy a solution that fits your cost and performance requirements.  




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