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Volaré Security Services


Assess, Enhance, & Design Security Programs To Strengthen Your Security Posture



Maintaining business and IT infrastructure agility is a complex challenge for any organization with or even without an internal IT department. There are so many issues to worry about: for instance security, availability of your site, back ups, disaster recovery and most of all - making everything work together! 




Security and Risk Assessment



IT risk management, compliance and operational efficiency—your business needs all three—but weaving them into a cohesive strategy takes time and expertise. Our experienced consultants address these areas all the time and a Risk Management Assessment is the first step.


During a Risk Management Assessment, our team conducts a thorough and objective evaluation of your security controls and where you are at risk. We work closely to align your goals with the best approach for compliance. Our experts chart best practices in security risk management for your industry. And we lay out the IT/IS resources needed to implement your optimum risk management strategy.








Penetration Tests


There are many reasons to conduct penetration testing (pen tests) including looking for vulnerabilities automated software testing can’t detect, assessing the potential impacts of an attack or meeting compliance requirements using a third-party vendor. Ideally, penetration testing shows how an attacker would gain access to your systems and delivers ways to better protect your assets.


The Volaré Security Experts Pen Testing attacks your network security defenses to help your organization identify vulnerabilities and improve your network security. We don't take a one-size-fits-all approach. We'll work with you to determine your level of network security sophistication and maturity and build a pen testing program based on your needs.


We offer the following types of testing:


  • Vulnerability Assessment to validate your host configurations and get an accurate accounting of vulnerabilities in your environment that pose a real risk to your organization.


  • Penetration Testing which goes further to help your organization meet compliance requirements and shows how an attacker would gain unauthorized access to your environment by compromising your email systems, firewalls, routers, VPN tunnels, web servers and other devices.

    • Penetration Test - provides network testing, validates your configuration and patch management,and identifies the steps you can take to improve security.

    • Advanced Penetration Test – a more complete test that continues beyond a penetration test to identify methods that a hacker could use to gain full, persistent control of a system to use that system as a base for attacks deeper into your network.


Key Benefits:


  • Identify security risks: our security experts identify the information assets at risk


  • Identify test readiness: depending on your maturity, our testing services help address your security


  • Meet compliance: experienced testers understand compliance requirements


  • Improve security: obtain a prioritized list of actionable items to address




Let our experts show you how to:

  • Obtain a list of information systems and assets

  • Understand the threats to your assets

  • Identify organizational vulnerabilities

  • Identify technical vulnerabilities

  • Document current controls and security processes

  • Identify security requirements and considerations per regulatory requirements and industry standards

  • Measure initial and residual compliance, reputation and direct loss risk


Key Benefits:


  • Know your assets: gain a full understanding of where your data resides

  • Know your risk: identify vulnerabilities at the technical and organizational level

  • Align your goals: align your security with business needs and best practices

  • Optimize strategy: implement a risk management approach for meeting compliance





 Cloud Security Services

Migration Services

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