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Volaré Private Cloud Solution


Your Fully Dedicated Private Cloud Provider



The Volaré Private Cloud network is a highly secured environment with instances and workloads fully dedicated to your business. As your private cloud provider, Volaré has designed its enterprise-class private cloud for companies that store and process sensitive data, have considerable storage and compute requirements, need increased agility while maintaining control and security, or any combination of these critical needs. Consider it a virtual private data center. 




If it is your Private Cloud, Why Should You Have to Share Anything?



The Solution for businesses needing the speed and security of a dedicated solution.




The Volaré Cloud solution comes fully managed and optimized for high-performance, and offers our customers an expandable set of dedicated cloud resources that are both secure and compliant.  Volaré is ready to be your fully managed and dedicated private cloud partner for your mission critical IT platform needs.






With a private cloud deployment, you are housing your data in a Tier-3 data center that is performance-optimized, guaranteeing you industry leading uptime and high availability.






With dedicated private servers, you don’t have to worry about sharing instances of workloads with any other customer, ensuring you are getting the highest level of security.




Hybrid Cloud


Our private cloud solution’s hybrid capabilities offer highly customizable features, such as the ability to combine bare-metal with virtualized deployments and seamless integrate it with any of our other services.



 Private Cloud Solution

Customer Network made up of 1+VLANs.

Why Do Our Customers Count On Volaré Private Cloud?

Comes Fully Hybrid-Capable.

Offers High-End Security and Compliance.

SSD/Flash-Accelerated SAN and includes SAN Based Backups.

Includes Resource and Uptime Monitoring.

Is Architected for High Availability and High Performance Networking.

Uses Separate Interfaces for WAN and LAN Traffic.

Allows the Setup of Multiple VMs in the Same Domain.

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