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 Hybrid Cloud Solution

Volaré Hybrid Cloud Solution


Finally, a True Hybrid Cloud Solution for All Infrastructures



Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid Hosting management breaks down the barriers between what is considered the "legacy old fashioned IT" (such as colocation and on-premise servers) and the trendy newfangled model of today (cloud, cloud, and more cloud) in order to support a comprehensive IT infrastructure that can talk as "one". One network, shared IP address, one set of load balancer and firewalls and one SLA. ONE INFRASTRUCTURE for business agility to be proactive to business change.  



highly redundant hybrid cloud


A Deep Skill Set is Necessary



Creating a true Hybrid Cloud requires expertise in networking, storage and compute, security, virtualization, operating systems, different application levels and different software solutions.


Add 24/7 support, data center expertise and knowledge of High Availability systems with highly qualified engineers who can solve issues that can happen at a moments notice. The ability to bring all of these sets of the expertise, the people, the technology, and security solutions together is what makes Volaré stand out.



The Volaré Cloud solution comes fully managed and optimized for high-performance, and offers our customers an expandable set of dedicated cloud resources that are both secure and compliant.  Volaré is ready to be your fully managed and dedicated private cloud partner for your mission critical IT platform needs.



You May Have Some Of These Unique Hybrid IT Dilemmas.  We can help.

Customer Network made up of 1+VLANs.

Comes Fully Hybrid-Capable.

Offers High-End Security and Compliance.

Allows the Setup of Multiple VMs in the Same Domain.

SSD/Flash-Accelerated SAN and includes SAN Based Backups.

Includes Resource and Uptime Monitoring.

Is Architected for High Availability and High Performance Networking.

Uses Separate Interfaces for WAN and LAN Traffic.

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