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Cloud Migration Services


 Cloud Migration Services

Volaré Migration Services


It's About The Preparation, Testing and Execution



Every migration is different owing to the organization's use of a variety of technologies, each of which presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to a migration. The diversity of systems being used makes many migrations difficult. Often, there is a lack of information on the part of one or more parties supporting the migration. For example, code that was written in an old environment may not be available or sufficiently tested in the target environment. Ultimately, a successful migration will mean overcoming those challenges and more.


Volaré engineers and technicians lay the groundwork that makes a smooth transition to Volaré's environment with limited downtime. 




By Understanding Your Requirements, We Can Develop an Effective Plan



A typical migration might involve moving from a physical environment to a private cloud (i.e. physical to virtual or physical to physical or virtual to virtual).


Volaré has successfully migrated environments that involved taking a large physical footprint (not using any virtualization) and consolidating those systems onto a fewer number of machines using virtualization, making more efficient use of the hardware resources that you have. The challenge is taking operating systems running on physical hardware, virtualizing them and putting them into a cloud environment. That's a very common migration setup that we've seen, and we've helped a lot of customers make a successful migration of that type.


Ultimately, a successful migration requires good planning and execution. Good planning means that you need to have the right information. There are a number of aspects that are relevant - the network topology, the systems topology, number of Web servers and databases, etc. Understanding all those details and coming up with a plan to incorporate them into a new environment is critical to a successful migration. steps:






A detailed analysis of your environment; because migration involves understanding the existing infrastructure, we work closely with you to gather all the information that we need. If you don't have the ability to get that information, then our engineers will even log into existing systems and "reverse engineer" as necessary.




Testing to make sure that the new environment can run the applications that you need to run your business.




Finally, after all information is gathered and we make sure that your environment will accommodate the applications, ensure security and compliance guidelines are met and our technicians and engineers are ready to plan and execute the migration.


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